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Online Personal Trainer 

My name is Amy Victoria and I specialise in life changing transformations. I have helped thousands of people around the world, lose body fat, gain muscle and lead healthy lifestyles with my online personal training programmes.

I design your customised online programme based on information you provide me. Once you sign up you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand your current situation, goals and requirements and to help me create the perfect plan for you!

Why online personal training?

Online personal training is much more cost effective than paying a personal trainer at the gym for a one-on-one session. Also, it means you have much more flexibility! You can train at a time that suits you as well as being able to speak to me and ask me any questions at any point throughout the week.

Along with the plan you will also receive app access (iPhone or android, or computer based) where you can view your exercise plan, view video demonstrations of the exercises as well as upload your photos, measurements and speak to me privately and directly!

Join me today and let’s reach your goals together!!

Amy Victoria will draw up a 100% customised plan to your individual requirements.

As your body changes and starts to slim down and tone up, your training and nutrition plan will be adapted in order to continue progressing and reaching your goal.

Whether you need meal plans, recipes or for me to take a look at your daily log and analyse all your data, I will be available to help ensure you are eating the right foods in order to reach your goals!

Starting a new plan can be very stressful however I can and will help you along the way by creating an easy to follow plan. Best of all you will have constant 24/7 support and access to me!