z-100 Day Body Transformation Plan



Are you tired with weight loss fads and boring workout plans that don’t provide the results they promise? I feel you!!! That is why I created the 100 Day Body Transformation Plan, the world’s leading body transformation plan with tens of thousands of satisfied clients!

Unlike all other workout plans, you will find online, this is a complete and long-term weight loss solution. Providing everything, you need for long-term success and building in healthy and sensible lifestyle and dietary changes.

The 100 day plan provides you with home or gym workouts, an education, over 40 recipes, free app access, video demonstrations, progress dash board, support from Amy Victoria and most importantly, education for long-term success. It’s time to transform your body and finally achieve your goals and sustain for life!


How much fat can I expect to lose?

As always, the answer depends. For example, someone who has 100LB to lose will drop fat much faster than someone who has 10LB to lose. It also depends on how hard you work and how consistent you are etc.

However, the average reported fat loss from clients on the plan who focus purely on fat loss is around 22 lbs. Not bad for only 100 days right?

We focus purely on FAT LOSS not WEIGHT LOSS.

This way the end result will be a lean body, not just a skinny one! It also means you will be much healthier, stronger and have a better metabolism after the 100 days!

Do I have to eat and train at a specific time?

Absolutely not! I encourage a flexible and tailored approach. This plan is all about making it fit in your lifestyle!

Do I have to take a lot of supplements?

No! All supplements are add-ons that may help. They are NOT a replacement for diet and exercise. They may help but they are certainly not required. Many people get great results without using the supplements, they are totally optional.

Do i get any support?

Yes, I am available via email. As you can imagine I have 10000’s of clients who email me so I have a 72-hour response, which is directly from me, so please bare with me! However, most of it is already built into the transformation manual! The program is built to be self-sustaining, I spent over 12 months developing the plan so it is easy to follow and can be tailored to you. Throughout the transformation manual, you will notice I try and teach you how to tailor aspects of the plan based on YOUR body. If you feel something is missing or confusing, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help!

Is this a one time cost?

Of course! This is a set ONE-time fee that you pay. Just pay the low price below and you get EVERYTHING listed above!

I feel like I need more...

I’m always looking to expand and improve my products. Unlike most of online programs, I actually care about your results and want you to be happy with the program. If you feel something is missing or needs explaining further please send me an email. I will happily help you and if I feel necessary, I’ll add the new content to the program for everyone else to enjoy!