4 Myths About Changing A Lifetime Habit


Do you feel like your relationship with food is failing because of so much conflicting information out there?

Here are 4 myths about changing a lifetime habit and how to combat them!


When things aren’t going well you are back to square one

Change is a long process; you cannot alter all your habits overnight! You are likely to fall of track over and over before the new habits become embedded into your life for the long-haul. When things go wrong learn from the experience and move on. No point in beating yourself up about, or stuffing another cake down your pie hole, or waiting for Monday to come back around. Pick up where you left off and keep strong!


Someone else can make the changes for you

My mum had been struggling to lose weight ever since she had my brother and I. One day I came home from college to find that mum had called a hypnotherapist to fix her “fat issues”. Like my mum, there comes a certain point where you are looking for a rescue point. The amount of books she bought, the diet she’s tried and the therapist she has seen is beyond me. My mum will now agree with me – No one is going to come along and do it for you! You have to want to change, and with the right support, preferably someone that has walked the path before, can provide you with the correct guidance. You need a guide not a rescuer, and you need to want to really change, not just wish that you could.


It’s best to be strict and limit food intake

If you aren’t eating enough for your body, you will find yourself constantly thinking about food. I often have people tell me how little they are eating and how they are prepared to go to extreme measure for weight loss results when in actual fact they are not prepared to give up dieting or restricting food! When you don’t eat enough for your body, and you are restricting foods, you are over-riding a physiological process – you really cannot and will not win. Having the right balance of everything and eating the correct amount of calories for your body is vital for long-term results!


There are only ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days

In the past, you might have felt that you were either “being good” or controlling your eating quite well. Or you might have felt that you were out of control and having a “bad day” and on a self-destructive path! You need to break out of this! If you fall off the wagon, pick up where you left off, don’t let yourself continue having a bad day… “Oh but I’ve already had one bad thing, may as well continue indulging and start again tomorrow” WRONG! Don’t do this, firstly, having one bad thing isn’t the end of the world, but carrying on into a “bad” day will only delay your progress even more! Instead of overindulging by 400 calories, you overindulge by 1000 calories or even more! Be strong, accept your mistake, and carry on – make every day a good day!