What Is The 80:20 Healthy Lifestyle

I live by the 80:20 healthy lifestyle method, where I choose to live as healthily as I can and stick to eating healthy 80% of the time, with 20% of the time having a little indulgence. This is pretty much what I go by every day, but I’ll tell you my logic behind it for you to see how it can work for you too.

As you may have figured out from my Instagram, I love my food, but I needed to find a balance between eating anything and everything I wanted (whether it was healthy or not!) with a better, healthier lifestyle.

I was overweight, struggled with feeling bloated and lethargic and wanted to be healthier. With all this in mind, I set out to find a way that I could look and feel the way I wanted, without having to say goodbye to those delicious dishes.

I didn’t really know whether that was all going to be possible… Well, I can 100% confirm that it is!

My Logic: 

I need to eat nutritious and tasty food as often as possible… So I look for places where that can happen, grilled meat and fish and salads are great and pretty much everywhere serves them!

Being at home is great for me. I really enjoy cooking and use all of the recipes I have on Body & Mind Programme to make sure I never get bored of what I’m eating.

I also love looking for restaurants that cater to my tastes and nutritional values. It’s not always easy unless you’re in a big city, but you can usually find somewhere that does delicious, healthy food or at least has a few healthy options on the menu.

I then apply my 80:20 method to what I’m choosing and consider what else I’ve eaten that day.

But there’s something else really important to think about… Socialising with family and friends!

It’s a tough one because you don’t want to be seen as the ‘fussy one’, so I tend to go with the flow. If my friends want to go to a Chinese, then that’s what I’ll have. Italian? No problem. I just make sure it’s not too often and when it’s over, it’s over! There’s no, “I’m off the rails, so I may as well just keep going”. If I’m planning a big night out, I always try and stick to my method of ‘one or the other’ – if I’m having a few drinks, I’ll eat something healthy before I go out and will stick to neat drinks and drink plenty of water in-between. If we’re going out for dinner, I’ll do my best to steer clear of alcohol.

My final piece of advice, which I also apply to myself is to make sure I don’t stress over what I’m eating.

Unfortunately, stress and fat are best buds, they work together and make everything that little bit more difficult for you. So whatever you are eating, make sure you enjoy it and free of guilt – otherwise, you know where it’ll end up!! If I have overdone it with bad foods, rather than stress, worry or regret what I’ve done, I’ll just be sure to carry on in my healthy ways as otherwise, I know for a fact that I’ll end up falling off the wagon! 

I’m relieved to have found this method of eating that actually works, scientifically, and that I’m now able to share this with you!