Transform your body

The Body & Mind Transformation Programme

A 90-day coaching programme that allows women to develop their knowledge of nutrition and movement and guide them towards achieving lifelong results.

Learn how to shift the unwanted weight whilst still having a life!



Can you relate?

✗ You’re stuck by all the conflicting advice on what you should or should not eat to lose weight and keep it off?

✗ You’re fed up of long weeks of eating terrible tasteless food?

✗ You’re frustrated about having to give up your valuable time to exercise yet still you’re not seeing any results?

✗ You feel like giving up after nothing has worked the way you hoped and you have no idea where to turn or what to do next?

✗ You struggle with an all-or-nothing mentality?

✗ You’ve lost some or all of  the weight before, but you keep gaining it back?



I’ve been where you are

→ I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disorder and received no help from medical professionals, which then lead to even more health problems

→ My anxiety got worse and lead to an unhealthy relationship with food

→ I googled ‘how to lose weight fast’ only to end up gaining even more

→ I did fad diet after fad diet and got nowhere

→ I exercised for hours

→ Eventually I would lose some of the weight but I gained it back even faster

When things got bad, really bad, I decided to study nutrition and trained to become a personal trainer and that’s when I found my calling, to help women transform their lives for the better.


Amy has been there to keep me on track and keep me focused throughout, without ever judging or tut-tutting when I overindulged on the Prosecco or a enjoyed a big family food-fest! I’ve learnt so much about how important food and exercise is and how easy it is to overeat! I’ve eaten some delicious recipes Amy provided, I’m forever making nutty energy balls! 
From an always tired 43-year-old, I am transformed into a much healthier, fitter, slimmer me. Through my journey so far, I had celebrations as well as moments of deep stress but Amy helped me push through. I never missed an occasion – went out with my family, holidays, socialised and was never deprived. I have learnt to choose well and made a healthy change for the better. 
Amy has been a source of inspiration and motivation since helping me change my life over a year ago. I have learnt so much from her about nutrition and healthy eating- I had no idea what I was eating was so bad for me! I’ve been on a long journey and Amy helped me every step of the way. Now 3 stone lighter and 4 dress sizes smaller and I couldn’t be happier.

Together we are going to make big changes to your quality of life

 Increase your energy

 Get stronger

 Increase your confidence

✔  Better your mood

✔  Improve your relationships

  Decrease your risk of developing health conditions

All whilst eating carbs, drinking wine, indulging in chocolate and still enjoying your life!


Imagine loving your body, valuing yourself not just because you look amazing, but because you discovered what incredible things you’re capable of achieving, because you feel energised and powerful.

↓ Listen. ↓

I promise I’m not scary, I’m actually really nice and always excited to talk to new people about their struggles and goals.

I’m really good at what I do, not just because of my education but because I have been where you are right now.

So before you talk yourself out of it again, click the link below and book a call with me.

Let’s start making that dream of yours a reality.

The Body & Mind Programme Includes

Exclusive Online Video Library

(Worth £3,600)

Learn the nitty-gritty stuff from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. While you’re a member of the Body & Mind Programme you’ll have access to the exclusive online video library to strengthen your knowledge on nutrition, movement and mindset. With the right knowledge, you can make the necessary life changes.


Weekly Catch Ups

(Worth £2,500)

Every week we meet together (video/phone) to discuss your progress, any issues you might be having, discuss the tweaks we should make to your programme to accelerate your results. These calls would usually last approx 45 minutes.


Persnalised Nutrition Plan

(Worth £3,000)

Every woman struggles with different areas of their nutrition.  I will provide you the best methods that will help you continue to enjoy the foods you love, remove the stress out of eating and show you how to see your food as fuel. We will make changes to your nutrition as we go along in the programme to ensure we’re constantly working towards your goals.


Personalised Effective Exercise Plan

(Worth £3,000)

No need for guesswork!  I will be providing you with a workout plan which you can also follow on my app. Trust me you are going to be SHOCKED at how much you can change physically and mentally from week one to week twelve.


Amy Victoria Fit App

(Worth £1,750)

You’ll have access to your own private profile where you can record your progress, nutrition and workouts. This is where you will be following your workouts and you will have access to video tutorials of each and every single exercise. You can also message me directly through the app anytime you want to get in touch.


(Worth £200)

Delicious yet healthy recipes so you can have some inspiration and still enjoy the foods you love.


30 Day Money Back Gurantee


After 30 days with me, if you’ve put the work in, you’ll definitely be feeling more confident in your ability to not only lose the stubborn fat you’ve had for years but to also wake up every morning feeling super confident in your body while consistently feeling more energetic, just like the hundreds of women I’ve helped. And if for any reason you don’t, just get in touch within the first 30 days and tell me you’d like a refund and I’ll give you every penny of your money back.