I am a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Expert. My aim is to inspire women around the globe to lead healthier and happier lifestyles. Fitness and health has been a passion of mine for many years as well as helping people become better versions of themselves.

Born in Malta, I have been a UK resident since the age of 12 and currently live in North Yorkshire. Two countries I hold very dear to my heart have very high percentage of the population who are overweight or obese; My goal is to change these percentages to a much lower rate, starting with Malta and the UK and then to tackle obesity levels around the globe!

I have taken part in sports from a very young age, unfortunately, once I moved to England the area which I lived in didn’t offer the sports I wanted to take part in and for some time used the excuse of “it’s too cold”. This did not stop me; as soon as I turned 16 I joined a gym. This is when I realised that fitness and health is my passion and started studying sports therapy thinking I would go down the physiotherapist route.

“After watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup and seeing the physiotherapists do their part, I thought I was destined to be around fit men. Little did I know that I don’t like touching sweaty bodies! I’m glad I went down this route as I learnt a lot about the body that you just don’t learn as a personal trainer.

Amy Transform 1

Whilst studying, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Degenerative Spinal Disc Disorder – my L4, L5 and S1 had collapsed. The specialists described this as “unlucky”. After two years of agony and treatments, the specialists advised that the only thing that would treat me fully is to undergo surgery. This was not an option for me.

After just a year of being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disorder, I also had other health complications arise, General Anxiety Disorder and Hypothyroidism.

After two stone of weight gain, continuous pain and feeling alone, I decided to take matters into my own hands, started exercising with a trainer to build up my core strength and get my mental health back on track and to this day I have never suffered from back pain again!

After around a year of being body confident again, I started having bad spells of GAD again and started having severe symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. After two years of a stagger menstrual cycle and feeling alone and uncomfortable, as the doctors couldn’t help, I, once again, took matters into my own hands and started taking action as I had gained another three stone and let the conditions take over my life.

I have been through the awful experience of not feeling good in anything I wore and I embarked on a journey against all odds, due to health complications and came out a completely different person. I now know that fad diets, pills and potions or starving yourself will not help you achieve your goals but good nutrition coupled with exercise is the answer. I also know that it’s not a temporary fix and that health and happiness need constant attention and upkeep, especially when suffering from different health conditions. 

To this day, I still suffer from Degenerative Disc Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, PCOS, and Hypothyroidism, these are health conditions I will have for the rest of my life but I have now managed to control them by leading a healthy and active lifestyle. I still have ups and downs, just like all of us do, but I am determined to lead by example to help people change for the better, just like I needed to.

I have the education, experience and also teamed up with a team of dieticians to create the most effective programme yet – the Body & Mind Programme.

As a respected exercise and nutrition professional, I have had thousands of satisfied clients of all age groups, genders, shapes, and sizes.

A big believer in loving your body, no matter what body shape or size one may have, the important thing is to exercise and feed your body for optimal health. It’s a way of life that provides the best quality of life possible mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.