Healthy Eating Week – Day 1

Day 1: Eat Breakfast Everyday

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides the body with fuel after an overnight fast.

If you do not have breakfast in the morning you are essentially running on empty, much like trying to start a car with no fuel!

The reason why breakfast is so important is to prevent your body from utilising energy from your muscles. The carbohydrate from the first meal of the day will help you start the day with good energy. The protein digested will sustain your appetite for a further 3-4 hours and will help reduce binging on those calorific, high sugar and fatty snacks!

What a healthy breakfast should consist of

  • Choose higher fibre, wholegrain varieties of starchy foods, such as wholemeal, wholewheat or wholegrain bread, low sugar breakfast cereals.
  • Include at least one of your 5 A DAY at breakfast (e.g. chopped banana, a handful of berries, grilled tomatoes or mushrooms).
  • You could include dairy foods (e.g. milk, yoghurt) or calcium-fortified non-dairy alternatives (e.g. soya drinks). Choose low fat and low sugar options.
  • You could include a source of protein too (e.g. eggs, beans and pulses, nuts).
  • Always include a drink so you start the day hydrated – water, unsweetened tea and coffee, and low-fat milk are good choices.
  • 100% fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies count towards one of your 5 a day but should be limited to no more than a combined total of 150ml per day.

Tips for having breakfast everyday

  • Prepare your healthy breakfast the night before (e.g. fruit salad, overnight oats).
  • Make sure to stock up on breakfast basics at home and keep a supply at work (e.g. wholegrain, low sugar cereals, wholemeal bread, fruit, low fat and low sugar yogurt).
  • If buying breakfast out, check nutrition information on labels or menus and go for the options low in saturated fat, sugar and salt.

Mix it up

If you already have breakfast everyday then great! Now try and challenge yourself with having a different breakfast every single day!

Here are my top 5 breakfast choices to get you started