How To Stay Healthy Whilst on Holiday

Prior to embarking on holidays, we pay close attention to our health – eating the right meals, working out regularly and of course, losing some weight in order to keep that perfect shape we want to flaunt whilst on holiday. But when we eventually embark on the holidays we are tempted to do some certain things that might end up leaving us unhealthy.

Truth is that the holidays come with many temptations, so, in this article, you’ll learn some experts tips that will help you even lose weight whilst on holiday and of course, stay healthy generally.


Do Not Over Treat Yourself

One common mistake people make whilst on holiday is that they get carried away with the treat the season offers. Yes, you’re on holiday and you have to enjoy yourself but you don’t want to overdo it and get bloated as a result. You have to make choices on what you eat and do not eat all foods that come your way. Ideally, you should go for the treat occasionally and the rest of the time opt for healthy choices – fruit, vegetables, lean protein etc. This helps ensure a healthy holiday.


Stay Active

No doubt, the holidays are meant for relaxation but that doesn’t stop you from being active. In fact, not being active throughout the period of your holidays might even lead to weight gain and the other hand staying active could help you lose weight whilst on holiday. So, the first step is to pack your gym clothes with you whilst going on holidays, this will help motivate you to do some mild workouts.

Find time to work out – do a 15-minute bodyweight hiit workout in the morning whilst your partner/friends are showering! If you’re exploring a city, do it by foot or if you’re lazing about on a beach go for a walk or even a jog on the beach and go for a moderate intensity swim every hour.


Stay Hydrated

Hydration is very important especially when you’re staying active or doing a sunny holiday. It helps you stay healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Staying hydrated is of immense importance if you want to experience an all-round healthy holiday.


Consume Less Alcohol

The holiday period may mean letting go and consuming high levels of alcohol. To stay healthy you must ensure you don’t consume too much of this substance.  The effect of alcohol to the body can cause many issues, so do not feel it’s just holiday and you can take as much after all you go back to your normal lifestyle, No! Consume moderately, and with plenty of water in-between, otherwise you risk experiencing feeling unwell, unhealthy and even difficult to return into a routine once you return from holiday.


Do What You Want

It’s holiday and it’s time to reunite with family and friends. Obviously, you may feel pressure from them in terms of offering you food you don’t want to eat. Do not hesitate to let them know you won’t eat certain foods and remember, you don’t have to feel guilty. The decision is always yours, and yes, it is easy to give into temptation, however, to have a healthy holiday you should treat yourself occasionally, not the entire time you are away.

So, whatever you know is unhealthy be polite to go against it. Do not be hesitant to refuse foods that aren’t your choice but do it with respect and humor so that you don’t send a wrong message to your friends and family and ensure you still spend good times with them. This would make your holiday worthwhile.


Detach and Relax

The holiday is actually a period you need to relax, stay off work and other activities that keep you busy and stressed. It’s indeed time for leisure. So make it real! Detach yourself from the world – stay off the social media if possible. Detaching yourself from the world for even just a day can do your mental health a lot of good. Take some time to meditate – meditation benefits our health in a number of ways; meditating for just five minutes can help relieve stress and anxiety, gives you a good night sleep and improves your brain function.


If you really want to have a healthy holiday then you need to keep these tips handy whilst on holiday. You don’t want to get bloated at the end of the holiday but rather you’d love to lose weight, or at least maintain your pre-holiday weight and maintain a good shape. Virtually everyone desires to end the holiday healthily but sometimes the reverse occurs but you can avert that when you adhere to these tips and certainly you’d have a fantastic healthy holiday!