No Time For Workouts? Here’s The Solution!

Do you exercise every day? Every other day? Why not? It’s likely that if you don’t, you were able to come up with a horde of reasons why daily exercise just isn’t feasible for you. The top reason people give for not exercising is that they don’t have the time—they don’t have two hours to spare to get to the gym, get ready, workout, and come home. Or they want to pay attention to their family when they are at home or that by the time they get home from work, they are just too tired.

While all of these may be true, none of them are reasons to deprive yourself of the exercise your body and mind need to stay healthy. There are solutions to work around time constraints.


Reduce Your Social Media Hours

Social media is fun and addictive. What it isn’t, is healthy. So indulge, but like any other indulgence, try to put the things that matter first. You wouldn’t watch cartoons all day rather than going to work. Don’t sit on social media and ignore the needs of your body.

Many of us waste multiple hours in a day on social media, and a lot of that is just mindless clicking. So, before you pick up your phone or log into your computer, take a quick jog or do some lunges!


Walk During Your Lunch Break

If you are too tired to work out when you get home, or really want to spend that time with your family, get your exercise out of the way before you come home. Step out of the office (or wherever you work) and give your body a chance to be active. Why not grab up your lunch and eat while taking a stroll? You could even take a work friend with you and relax your mind with some socializing while you exercise.

If you get up and move, you’ll find you are more alert for the second half of your day. Getting up and moving around refreshes your mind as well as gives your muscles some toning.


Exercise While You Cook

Cooking is something that most of us do every day. But there is down-time during meal preparation. Why use that doing nothing (or fiddling on your phone on social media)?

When you are waiting five minutes for something on the stove to brown, stop and do some stretches, jumping jacks… anything active (just make sure that if you are staying in your kitchen, the activity is safe to do where there are breakable and hot things). Then do a little more exercise while water boils or veggies steam. You’ll easily get in ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes that way.


Ten Minutes is Better than Nothing

There is a theme here—getting active doesn’t need to take up hours of time. If you think of exercise as being something you need to do for a full hour at the gym, you’re cheating yourself. The point of exercise is to make your body stronger. So slip in activity when you can. Even if you only manage ten minutes a day—that is better than doing nothing and hiding behind excuses.