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Everyone is unique, what works for one person may not work for another. Your online training plan and nutrition plan is as unique as you. Each plan is created specifically for YOU, this means that you will get better results, faster than you’ve ever experienced before. Above all, you will never feel deprived of the foods you like and will certainly achieve your goals. In the nutrition plan, you are not required to purchase any crazy “health foods”, we use ingredients that can be found in your local grocery store. And the cherry on top? Your entire family can eat from the recipes too as they are delicious, healthy, nutritious and definitely not “diet foods”!



When you sign up you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire, I will firstly work out how much experience you have, how much time you have to train, what type of equipment is available to you, your likes and dislikes etc…

Training & Nutrition Plan

Based on this, I will create the most effective training and nutrition plan possible within 5-7 days. If you are unfamiliar with exercises, you will also have video demonstrations available within the app. You will be able to follow and log your workouts on the app which will hold you accountable.

Nutrtion for YOU!

The goal is to have a nutrition plan designed in line with your goals that will not completely be at odds with your life. I do not force people to eat grilled chicken and broccoli all day long. You will be given a meal plan, recipes and macronutrient recommendations and I will make tweaks as you progress.
You’ll get the flexibility (within reason) to eat what you like, providing you are meeting your daily requirements.


Each week you will check-in with me. You’ll tell me all about how your week has gone as well as bringing up any concerns or questions you may have. I will then review your progress along with your weekly check in and reply via email or phone call, whichever is appropriate.

You will have unlimited access to me, during the week via personal email with a 12 hour response time. If you have a little niggle with your workouts or had an unexpected invite to a party and unsure of what to do, I’ve got your back!

Any questions, queries or concerns, know that I will be on hand to help. Some people email once a week, some once a month, it’s up to you!


I’m all about educating people so that results last forever, not just for a quick fix!

Every nutrition plan has the macronutrient values for every food, meal and entire day. You will learn why you are eating and training a certain way, how to stay focused and motivated as well as some insight into the science behind nutrition and exercise!

Despite this, the whole point of the plan is to make this easier for you! Therefore, I will calculate the appropriate macronutrient targets for you based on your stats and goals, and write your customised meal plan based on those macros – no faffing, no guessing, I do it all for you!

Amy Victoria Fit App

The Amy Victoria Fit app comes exclusively to clients only. You will have video demonstrations of exercises, your training plan, a place to log your progress photos and measurements only visible by you and me!


Your training program, nutrition plan, exercise video library, and support from Amy Victoria will be accessible on any device, wherever you are. The amazing thing about this plan is that you do your exercises at a time that suits you without having to travel to me. You will have constant support and access from me, unlike in-person training. Last but not least, this program includes everything you need to get your body in shape for life without having to stress about what works and what doesn’t as I do all that for you!



“Finally managed to fit into my bikini, after having my baby girl I was feeling depressed about my body and the way I look. The Personalised Coaching Transformation, did just that! It transformed not only my body, but my life! Thank you Amy, you’re amazing!!”


The personalised coaching plan fit in with my life perfectly! I never thought I could achieve such results from working out from home. I’m stronger, healthier, happier and most of all, I feel energised throughout the day!”


“With all the different FAD’s out there I was finding it difficult to lose fat – I came across Amy and from the offset I could tell she was the real deal. I signed up instantly and have achieved some amazing results! Having lost 8 inches from my waist and dropped 2 dress sizes I am now ready to start planning my dream wedding!!”



For the cost of a coffee and cake at your favourite coffee shop, you can start working towards getting your goal of achieving the best trimmed, toned body and most of all full-body confidence for the rest of your life!


One-on-one training costs a lot of money. You are paying directly for someone’s time and this doesn’t come with a nutrition plan, it’s just for the time you spend together. Online coaching is a fraction of the price, whilst still offering you the workouts, along with nutrition plans and ongoing support!


You are not stuck to a strict nutrition plan, you can still eat the foods you love!

You will have access to your plan 365/24/7 so you can train when you want and don’t need to fit around someone else’s schedule.


Amy Victoria is the only one who will create your plans, you will be in touch with her directly. Amy Victoria is a Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Exercise Specialist and Life Coach who has once been in your shoes and now had thousands of successful clients over the years.


Please note plans take 5-7 days to create as they are 100% customised to you and your goals.

Regardless of your lifestyle or fitness level, you can and will succeed with this plan.

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